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Why I Freaking Hate Aldi

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You want to know why I freaking hate Aldi and why you should too? My reasons are simply crazy, and I mean many of us have already discovered it, yet others haven’t and I am here to tell you why you should freaking hate Aldi too!

For those who don’t know what Aldi stores are about and want to start hating Aldi here’s a bit of a background from this grocery chain store. I mean when you read about this you are going to hate it just as much as we do. 😉

Aldi has:

  • Energy-saving stores – Everything this company does to help the environment from energy-saving stores to recycle bags says a lot about this company. This results in savings of up to 50% on the majority of your items.
  • High-quality food
  • Low prices in food


Have you shop at Aldi? If you haven't let me tell you why I freaking hate Aldi and why you should too! The reasons will amaze you.So why do I freaking hate, Aldi?

I never been to a store that treats their customers like this and those who shop there know what I’m talking about.

Bring your own bag! WTF?

When you shop at Aldi, you bring your own bags or buy their reusable bags or plastic bags at their checkouts. By doing this, it eliminates additional costs to the store allowing the store to keep their food prices low.

Again, finding ways to reduce store expenses including energy saving stores helps to maintain the cost of food down.

They have their own brands. Hardly Any Name Brands!

Through the years, Aldi has improved the quality of their products and their brand. They have some items that we enjoy in our home that is Aldi brands and can’t compare to name brand.

Aldi forces you to be responsible.

As a former retail manager, I have to say that carts scattered all over the place are dangerous and a simple accident cost tons of money. Many customers do place their carts in the proper cart corral, however, many don’t. These type of cart incidents cause damages and insurance claims that increase the cost of food in many stores.

When you shop at Aldi, you will find their carts in convenient places.  You put a quarter in the cart; you shop, and you return the cart back and receive your quarter back. By doing this, it reduces accident claims and removing employees to go out to the parking lot to retrieve them.

They don’t allow credit cards!

Many consumers don’t know that when you swipe a credit card, the store is paying a fee. Of course, there are no fees when you pay cash. Aldi only accepts cash, debit, and EBT cards. This helps keep the food down.

As of this year Aldi is now accepting all major credit cards! Just make sure you understand how to use credit cards and don't get in trouble.

No more “I can’t afford to eat healthy” excuse.

Aldi’s  selection of quality organic food, vegetables, and healthy items is so affordable can’t be beaten and makes it affordable for everyone to purchase.

I hate freaking Aldi because for many years I wasted my hard earned money purchasing foods at other retailers when I could have purchased my groceries there.

The reality is that if you don’t want to save money and get good quality food, then that’s on you. The truth is I love Aldi and will recommend to anyone. Hearing the recent news of how much they have grown and improved and are so conscious of the environment makes me proud to say that I shop there.

Tell me why you freaking hate Aldi?


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